Steels Poco

Steels Poco Pine (Steel) , An own Grandson of
Little Steel Dust, a 15.1 H Grullo will be standing
here for 2019. He is AQHA, NFQHA at 89% and
listed with APHA.
Little Steel Dust is the number 1 sire of the
NFQHA Leading Sires List for point earners and
6th on the list for total points earned making
him 1 of only 4 sires to be on the list twice in
the top 20.
Little Steel Dust is well renowned for his ability
to sire great foals with good heads and ability
to perform.

Steel goes back to some of the best foundation
bloodlines there are such as Poco Bueno, Otoe,
King, Yellow Jacket, Three Bars, Royal King and
many more on both his sire's side and his
dam's side. You couldn't ask for better

Steel has had limited breeding so far and we
hope to prove that he has the same ability as
his grand sire.
He has only produced 5 red foals out of 27 total.

He is 10 years old and never broke, after 3
sessions I was riding him around the back
pastures. He crossed creeks without hesitation.
He has a great head and wants to please.

He will be introduced at our farm for the 2014
breeding season.
We hope to have him ready to ship semen for
the 2015 season as well.

We will be updating his progress at our farm
occasionally, such as pictures and training.

2015 Discounted Breeding fee $500.00
Non refundable booking fee $200.00
Collection and shipping fee $200.0


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