In Loving Memory of "Precious"
The definition of Precious; of great value or high price, highly esteemed or cherished, excessively refined; say all there
is to say about Precious. We were lucky to have her come into our lives for the short period that we had her. She taught
us to have spirit even when the odds have you down.  She will greatly be missed by all who had any contact with her.
Rachel Gage is the artist of our Precious.
Rachel Gage is an artist from Raleigh, NC who is
now accepting commissioned assignments. Her
preferred media are pencil and charcoal on
paper, though she considers special requests.
Work is done from photographs, and is priced
based on size, complexity, and time commitment,
starting at $75.00. Payment is due only when
you're happy with the final result. You can reach
Rachel by e-mail : or
by phone : 202-506-8054
Precious sleeping after a therapy session